VPN Gambling: Best Casinos that Allow VPN [2023}

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October 25, 2022


Did you travel abroad and suddenly realize that you couldn’t access your gambling or sports betting site? VPN gambling involves using Virtual Private Network that allows you to spoof your geographical location and gamble online. You can bypass your blocks on geo-restricted gambling and sports betting sites with VPN gambling.

vpn online casinos

However, you should ensure you aren’t against any local or international law. Hence, we implore that you use VPN to access only geo-blocked but legal sites. Anything against that may land you in serious trouble with the governing authorities.

It must be mentioned here that many online gambling sites are geo-locked. And prospective players can’t create or access their accounts from certain countries or states. UK’s Betfair, Canadian-based Bovada, New York, and Nevada are typical examples of sport betting sites with geographical location restrictions.

Amazingly, VPN can help you get over that geo-locked without hassle. You can choose a server location to access geographically restricted content using a VPN. VPN does that by simply masking your IP address and replacing it with the one from the country of your choice. It is super easy.

To save you from going through all the long content about VPN and the best for your gambling online, we have provided a guide for you here.

Best VPN Friendly Casinos

Numerous online casinos allow using VPN. More specifically, Crypto casinos typically allow sports betting through a VPN. Some of those VPN online casinos accept only cryptos. We encourage you to visit the sites and check properly before placing your bet.

Can I use VPN to gamble online?

VPNs and using a VPN are completely legal. However, using it to gamble online may come with some restrictions.

Yes; You can use VPN to bet online. However, it is not recommended to trick your location into accessing legal online casinos.

Is gambling with VPN illegal?

Though you may occasionally bypass blocks with VPN, the majority of the betting sites don’t allow gambling with VPN. But since you may travel abroad, where your favorite betting site is restricted, and you don’t want to miss a special offer, then you can easily get away with it occasionally with VPNs for gambling. We must mention that if anyone bets regularly using VPN, especially from geo-locked countries, they will most likely be banned if caught.

Casinos accepting VPN for online gambling

In theory, you can access any sports betting site with VPNs for gambling, but there are some exceptions for real money gambling. Research shows that many online casinos don’t allow VPN use in their terms and conditions; this doesn’t mean you can’t browse through the sites or even place bets with the online casinos through VPN, but you won’t be able to withdraw your winning earnings. Though many online casinos restrict their players from real money through VPN, some operators provide safe gambling worldwide, even with VPN connections. You can withdraw your winnings from these casinos even with a VPN connection.

vpn gambling

Best VPN for online gambling

As we all desire the best in everything, we have researched and compiled the list of the best VPN you can safely use for your online betting.

⦁ ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is rated as the best VPN for gambling. ExpressVPN unique features include; fast servers, perfect unblocking, and competitive security features.

⦁ NordVPN

If you want a VPN with reliable user support, NordVPN could be a perfect match for you as it offers a 24/7 live chat support team. Hence, you can always reach out to them when you get stuck. NordVPN offers a flash-fast service.

⦁ Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access offers the most reliable VPN security features for betting apps. It has a zero logs policy. Private internet access is reliable and safe to use.

⦁ Private VPN

Private VPN is one of the best VPNs for gambling. It is pretty fast ensures users’ privacy with great unblocking capacity.

⦁ Surfs shark

Surf shark has all your desired features and is very affordable. Its adblocker, obfuscated servers, and unlimited simultaneous connections features rank among the best.

Those VPNs remain the best when considering the following core points: satisfactory value for money, top-notch security, and privacy features, readily available and reliable server system.

VPN Gambling FAQ

Can I use VPN to gamble online?

Yes, you can. Please see the list of casinos that accepted VPN above.

Is gambling with VPN illegal?

Some casinos do not accept VPNs for gambling. It is always smart to double-check it with the casino.

What is the best VPN for Gambling?

There are many of them but one of the best is Private Internet Access (PIA).

Author: Thomas Sanchez