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August 6, 2023

In 2023, crypto gambling is more popular than ever thanks to the payment processing simplicity and anonymity they offer. However, not all cryptocurrencies offer the same level of comfort. As the crypto gambling scene progresses, we’ve seen new currencies emerging and Monero casinos make the perfect example.

We realize that you may not be as familiar with Monero as with other crypto-gambling platforms, which is why our casino experts decided to give you a complete guide. Through it, we’ll cover everything from the essence of Monero deposits to casino sites, to the best methods of picking standout Monero gambling sites, and the benefits of using this currency for online gambling.


What You’ll Find In This Guide

What Monero is and how it works

Ways of depositing to casino sites with Monero

Promotions and game options available to XMR players

How to choose the best Monero casinos

Whether it’s safe to gamble on Monero casino sites

Best Monero Casinos in 2023

Monero casinos aren’t exactly the same as BTC or ETH casinos because of the differences in how XMR deposits take place on the network. However, we’ll leave all that for later and first go for the best sites that allow Monero deposits for players in 2023. After all, it’s what you came for, so take a look at our team’s top picks before we get into more detail on XMR casinos:

BC Game


mBit Casino

Monero Gambling Explained

The concept of Monero payments has been out there since 2014 but it was only recently that the currency got recognized as one of the best growing crypto coins. Unlike BTC, ETH, and other crypto coins, Monero utilizes increased security and privacy of all the payments since the blockchain code isn’t as transparent as with previously mentioned ones.

Instead, Monero features utmost confidentiality and it’s impossible to trace the transaction address or figure out other wallet information. Now, we aren’t saying that transparent blockchain transactions aren’t safe, but it’s still a good thing to have that extra layer of security and protection.

This means you can use Monero to deposit to online casino sites and enjoy your time without having to worry one bit about possible cyber-attacks or anything like that. No one can reach or uncover your personal information, and it’s also good that the currency is decentralized, open-sourced, and basically everyone can use it.

All the casino transactions are kept private, which means no one will be able to find out how much you’ve deposited to the site, where the funds came from, or how much you’ve withdrawn. The fees are also pretty low which adds up to that user convenience we’ve talked about and it makes it perfect for high-rollers that are worried about their transactions being kept safe.

The best thing is that all the payments on the Monero network are processed instantly and you won’t have to bother waiting for the funds to be processed just so you could play your favorite casino games.

How Monero Casino Payments Work

The thing with Monero payments is that you can get a new deposit address for each transaction and that’s what makes it such a good option for online gambling. It means that a new private key is generated every time to protect the players and their wallet addresses from being exposed.


Naturally, you can use the same address to receive cashouts from the site, and the ring signature technology ensures complete anonymity and makes the transactions untraceable. Here’s what it looks like in practice:

Register on a Monero gambling site – The first step towards playing with XMR deposits is to join a casino site that approves Monero payments. We realize this may not be as easy as it sounds, but you can always rely on the help of our team of experts and our list for this.

Generate a deposit address – The next thing to do is to generate that unique address for Monero payments and you can get your one-time code from the site’s “Deposit” section.

Enter the deposit amount – Once you’ve decided on the deposit amount, you can enter the address into your wallet and click on the “Send Monero” option to fill in the payment value.

Check the payment status – Finally, depending on the site, you may also be able to track the transaction’s status and figure out when it’s processed so you can move on and use your XMR balance to play casino games.

Best Monero Casinos

All right, it’s time to get serious – in the next phase of our complete XMR gambling guide, we are going to give you some tips on the top 3 Monero gambling sites in the opinion of our casino experts. We tested hundreds of casinos to give you only the best of the best among safe and verified Monero sites.

Don’t worry, we’ll also help you find suitable sites yourself based on our experience and the methods we use to evaluate casino sites, but let’s first focus on giving you the main details on the top three picks:

BC Game Casino

When talking about Monero casinos, we simply can’t leave out BC Game as one of the all-around best gambling sites for new crypto players. We could talk for hours about what makes this site so special, and if you are interested in all the details you can revisit our BC Game Casino review. For now, let’s lay down some of the main facts and the most important one is that this site accepts Monero deposits and cashouts without any excessive fees.

The site’s bonus offer section is arguably the main attraction besides fast and secure payments as you can win up to 1BTC for simply joining the site. Afterward, you’ll get access to even more exciting promo offers including the “Lucky Spin” bonus and reload offers like Casino Battles, Cash Bombs, and BC Quests.


As for the games, you can play provably fair releases like Plinko and Crash with Monero deposits with up to 99% RTP to turn the odds in your favor. The site has lightning-fast customer support and is perfectly optimized for mobile play which makes it a perfect option for crypto players.

Metaspins Casino

The next site on our list is Metaspins and it doesn’t fall behind BC Game for too much, especially in terms of player rewards and no-KYC policy. Everyone can register on the site within a few minutes and the site is decentralized which makes it a perfect combination for Monero deposits. Plus, you’ll have a “zero fees” withdrawal policy so more money goes into your pocket instead of having to pay for commissions and fees.

After a while, you should be able to get up to 60% wager-free rakeback as a prize along with an impressive 100% deposit match bonus of up to 1BTC for newly-registered players. You don’t have to take our word for it – check out our Metaspins Casino review and see for yourself. Casino

Empire Casino is something else in the online casino world due to its warm design and thousands of crypto casino games that make it a perfect stop for Monero players. You can get personalized VIP offers as a loyal member of the site and you can count on weekly bonuses and promo offers even if you aren’t a VIP player.

The site features some impressive tournaments where you can compete for amazing prizes going over $20,000 or equivalent in Monero, so it’s certainly a site worth joining. The meal of the day on this site is certainly its slots selection as you can browse through over 3000 crypto slots from more than 40+ top-tier gaming providers.


We’ve had quite some fun playing through the games ourselves during our Casino review so we advise you to check it out if you wish to learn more about the games you’ll be able to play here with Monero deposits.

Pros and Cons of Monero Gambling

Based on what we’ve covered so far, you can see that gambling with Monero as your preferred currency has quite a few benefits. However, it’s not all so bright, and that’s not even a surprise. Every currency has its downfalls which is why the crypto-gambling scene is getting so diverse these days. Because of that, let’s take a look at our unbiased perspective of Monero gambling pros and cons:


Completely untraceable transactions

Safe and secure deposits and no withdrawal fees

Unique address keys are generated for every transaction

Attractive sign-up bonus offers

Wide variety of crypto games to play with XMR


Lack of Monero gambling sites when compared with BTC or ETH casinos

More complex to use than other cryptos

Is Monero Gamboling Safe?

The one question we keep coming back to is whether Monero gambling is safe or not. Let’s put it this way – crypto deposits operate on blockchain that is transparent in general, but still prevents anyone from using your payment information or obtaining your funds. This gets even safer with Monero since this currency is particularly safe due to the Ring signature technology and the utmost confidentiality that comes with it.

Each and every transaction is kept private and you can’t even track the addresses like with other cryptocurrencies. On top of that, there are no holding periods or fees associated with the method and this makes it especially convenient for players.

The most important thing is that no one will be able to figure out your identity or personal payment information while you are using Monero for casino deposits and that anonymity aspect is among the most valuable features of the currency.

Monero Casinos & Bonus Offers

Now that we’ve covered all the important stuff, let’s have some fun by discussing the bonus offers available at Monero Casinos. This is especially important for players looking to get an extra boost after joining the site and this can significantly help with your bankroll. Players are often worried that Monero casinos won’t have as many bonuses as BTC gambling sites, but we’ve got some good news for you.

You can find all sorts of casino bonus offers on Monero casinos, and we’ll take a look at the few most popular types:

Welcome Bonus Offers

This one is a pretty obvious one since there’s no point in joining a site that doesn’t provide a sufficient boost for newcomers. With Monero casinos, you’ll be able to get a deposit bonus which means your first deposit will be rewarded and you’ll get a 100% match on that deposit. Of course, the value of the bonus depends on the site you are playing at and it could vary quite a bit.


Because of that, our team advises you to only join sites with the highest deposit bonus and you can use our list for that matter. As you can see, sites like or BC Game offer the best deposit bonuses as you can hit up to 1 BTC right after making your first deposit there.

Free Spins and Reload Offers

The next type of bonus we’ll discuss here is the free spins and reload offer. This one is a bit rarer as you can’t find it on every gambling site, but that only goes in favor of the sites that do offer reload prizes. In essence, you can count on getting weekly free spins, free bets, or deposit bonus offers that you can use as you please along the way.

You can mostly find out about these by checking your email provided to Monero casinos while registering, and using reload offers will help elevate your game on a weekly level.

VIP and Loyalty Offers

Finally, we can advise you to look for sites with the best VIP club bonus offers as these can turn the tables around and change your experience completely. A perfect example of this is the VIP club at BC Game Casino and it holds five different loyalty levels that will blow your mind with personalized bonus offers and loyalty perks.


As you can see, you’ll be able to hit amazing prizes like weekly and monthly cashback, reload offers, free spins, and even a personal VIP manager. So, it makes a perfect combination with Monero deposits that result in a feature-rich and secure gambling experience without you having to worry about a thing.

Monero Gambling & Casinos – FAQs

What is Monero?

Monero is a completely decentralized and secure crypto payment platform that allows online casino enthusiasts from making untraceable and secure payments to gambling sites.

Is Monero safe for online gambling?

Yes, Monero features one-time addresses to keep players safe along with a few other safety mechanisms for secure payments.

What are the best Monero casinos?

The best Monero casinos include BC Game, Metaspins, and

What are the best Monero gambling alternatives?

The best alternatives to Monero casinos are USDT casinos, Solana casinos, and ETH casinos.

Author: Thomas Sanchez